Two things happened on my first day at RC:

  1. I built a funny little Guess the Number game that you can’t lose unless you quit or you don’t, like, read the output, and it thinks you’re great when you win, even if it took you lots of turns. Smiles abound.

    This was a fun exercise in watching my code grow and watching myself sort of reorganize it as it did. For example, I took little if blocks and moved them into functions! Things were getting unwieldy, but I wielded them! Then, to keep track of what numbers had already been guessed, I did a little trick by creating an empty array and then pushing things into it. It’s not a fancy trick maybe, but it’s one I learned from my friend Shale last year that still impresses me. I felt quite clever! \(^▽^@)ノ

    I also got to pair program with my friend Kamal, who was very helpful! I think I am probably in a relatively unique position of already knowing someone in my cohort, which I am pretty grateful for. It’s a nice thing to be able to poke a friend and be like, “what exactly is happening right now/what do i do/where is the thing.”

  2. Speaking of friends, the other thing I learned is that I am very homesick. New York is big and stupid, and while I may not always feel this way (good god I hope I don’t), it’s how I feel right now. I miss my friends.

The interesting thing is that I had a number of thoughts prior to my first day at RC related to What That Would Be Like, and one of them came true and the other didn’t. I was super right predicting my homesickness. I was also quite sure I would flail around on my first day, but lo! I built a simple little thing that made me happy and that I learned from. :) :) :) That was pretty ok.